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released December 13, 2008

Recorded Summer 2008 at Pacific Studio, Sofia


all rights reserved



LET THEM DIE София, Bulgaria

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Track Name: Overtaking
what are you looking for
your life happiness or dreams
you were the king of my sick fears
now you're down on your knees

i'm deflowering your virgin soul
you love me killing the life inside you
i'm deflowerinf your virgin soul
i know you want me to

your dreams are dead inside of me
just an empy space
cheers to the mirror
you got no face
chained to your bed
of memories and past
drinking from your blood
i'll come at last

living in no time
satisfying my twisted bliss
your mindless suicide
now there's nothing more to give
you became a big black hole
there's no reason to stay alive
just an useless ripped off doll
alone betrayed
worse than dead

you're forsaken you're depressed
you want to die you need to rest
in peace down under in your grave
cause there are no more values to save for yourself
Track Name: Sixfold Falling
noises surrounding this afraid little heart
hail of words lost in the dust
he used to be an angel
but the wings just fell apart
he's suffocating in the foam of his own liquid lust

squailor and misery grasping this soul
all perceptions appear to harm
there are only memories left to throw
and set them on fire to get warm

shame on you...shame on you little angel...
shame on you little angel your existance is a blasphemy

now you'll feel what's like to be a humen being
open your eyes for things so hard to belive
see the disgrace is overtaking everything
it's time for you now burn in hell

grasping this soul...
appear to harm...
left to throw...
to get warm...

now go...
go burn in hell...
Track Name: Ghost of You / Under a Sky of Broken Words
i am not a child anymore and i don't cry
you're not the next one who's gonna make me cry
you're not the next one who's gonna make me die again
you're just the next one who makes me stronger

and now i'm stronger i can make it on my own

when i'm feelingless no one can hurt me
i'll just turn on my apathy
no more emotions i can show you
i'm sleeping with a ghost of you

why should i be good
i just don't want to get hurt
everything i go through
makes me more heartless and cruel

and now now i'm stronger i can make it on my own

and now your ghost dies...

you're sleeping in my memories why did i let you in
keep sleeping in my memories why did i let you in
Track Name: Mirror
here it comes another day my dear
another aprovement of my agony
wy you're still looking at me with these eyes
keep braking my tears of glass

gorgeous, my damned fairy
caress my surface with her cold fingers
killing the sunrise knowing i see only her
cursed beauty overtakes me

i've always been your mirror
dying in front of you
now we swiched up the roles
and you're gonna be disfigured too
i got nothing more to give you
no more words but these
and before you die
can we have a last dance
Track Name: Silent Massacre
enjoy the bloodbath in which we both dance
silent massacre
talk about you in past tense
you shout my name as no one can

i'm sick of your lies but your trues are worse
everything you do you think you are hurts

silent massacre...you shout my name...
as no one can...you ruined my days...

a blissful candy for my perceptions
i died so many times
with you for you in you
took me abuse me and left me alone

i'm sick of your lies but your trues are worse
everything you do you think you are hurts

put your hand back on my chest
to feel the empty space
what will pump my blood now
did i posses when i fell dead in your hug

we're face to face i'm looking at your eyes
remember all the fake promises
in this moment i'll just stop thinking
and start moving to get your frozen heart out
Track Name: Betrayer of the Light
burn the faces of my guardian angels
my cold iced prince my silent darkness
take me to the place where hope dies first
show me your adorable curse

i will never be your sunshine again
you made me an eclipse

expose all colourless pictures
flowers feign dead
evoke the memories of forgotten joy
your compelling face and all just fades away

my prince of darkness my hopeless sweetnes